Fall/Winter Rockfish Season

Once “Rocktober” rolls around we change gears again and go back to targeting striped bass. We start out chumming, jigging, and livelining on light tackle over various structures we have locally, under the birds or around schools of breaking fish on the surface. Most of these fish range in sizes from 20” -mid30” fish. The light tackle fishing usually goes on through midNovember when the water starts to cool and we break out the trolling gear to change tactics. Once we start trolling most of these fish are in the same class as what we start on in October and early November, but some of the big boys are usually around and we see some 35”-45” in the mix at times. Remember to dress warm during these cooler months of fishing because you can’t out more layers on if you don’t have them with you, but you can always take it off when the fishing action gets you hot!!

Rockfish Rockfish